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Israel is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, bordering Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Find the perfect cruise to Israel with MSC Cruises.
Israel is a fascinating country not least for its important religious and historical significance; the Land of Israel has been sacred to the Jewish people in particular since Biblical times.
MSC cruise ships call at several destinations across Israel. The most notably are the ports of Aqaba, Ashdod, and Haifa, worth visiting for their beauty, but also act as gateways to some stunning and significant cities, such as Tel Aviv, the UNESCO world heritage site of Petra as well as Jerusalem.
Our Israel destinations will be popular with many passengers wishing to view some of the world’s most important cities and experience some truly memorable sightseeing.
To make the most of your holiday time in Israel, do join us on our carefully-planned excursions that are designed to cater to all cruisers and offer a balanced mix of themed day trips from informative guides around cities and archaeological sites to relaxing beach trips and fun shopping outings.
In terms of practical information, Israel offers a typical Mediterranean climate with dry summers. Expect to hear the two main languages of Hebrew and Arabic, with English widely understood. The currency is the Shekel (around 0.2 to 1 US dollar) and it is recommended that tourists wear appropriate clothing (long trousers, headscarves) when visiting religious sites.
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Cruise to Ashdod - Israel - Mediterranean - MSC Cruises
Ashdod is the gateway to the city of Jerusalem, an important destination not only for those of religious faith, but those interested in architecture and history.
Cruise to Haifa - Israel - Mediterranean - MSC Cruises
Haifa, built on the slopes of Mount Carmel, has a history dating back to Biblical times and is the gateway to many places of intense Biblical interest.

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