Christopher Columbus famously declared Martinique ‘the most beautiful country in the world’ when he landed here in 1493.

Situated in the Caribbean Sea, this ‘island of flowers’ is under French rule and as such is part of the European Union (local language is French, currency is the euro). Being home to such magical scenery and in a stunning setting, tourism is a big part of the island’s economy.

The picture-postcard landscapes include lush mountains in the north and volcanoes which give rise to ‘peppery’ (black and white) sands that border azure waters. The island’s culture is a seductive mix of French and Creole, witnessed in Martinique’s rhythmic ‘zouk’ music (similar to Merengue) and its fusion food. MSC cruise liners travel to the capital of Fort de France, a lively and bustling port where chic French styles meets a laid-back island atmosphere.

Joining one of our Fort de France excursion packages will help visitors quickly get a feel for this lovely island, and MSC guests can take advantage of the attractive deals on key sights such as the Saint Louis Cathedral, the Traditional Costumes Museum, or a trip to a rum distillery. Martinique rum has now been awarded the prestigious French ‘AOC’ label, and is considered to be among the best in the world.



Cruise to Fort de France - Martinique - Ocean Voyages - MSC Cruises
Fort de France, on the island of Martinique, makes for a fantastic day off the ship. Tourists are drawn by its stunning natural beauty.
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