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Hop on board one of MSC's Caribbean Cruises to the vibrant islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Located in the northern Leeward Islands in the east Caribbean, the two small islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis are separated by a channel of water just two miles wide. Find the perfect Caribbean Cruise to Saint Kitts and Nevis with MSC Cruises.
Saint Kitts measures 23 miles long by 5 miles wide and Nevis a mere 7 square miles in diameter. Saint Kitts and Nevis were among the first islands to be settled by Europeans in the 1620’s; the British and French used these countries as a base from which to colonize other islands nearby.

MSC cruise ships travel to these ‘secret’ Caribbean islands, calling at the capital, Basseterre, on Saint Kitts. If you’re looking for a taste of true paradise, then this is the place to leave your luxury cruise ship and come ashore for the day.

You’ll find balmy temperatures and spectacular lush landscapes: forest-covered dormant volcanoes, rivers, exotic flowers, white ‘sugar-sand’ beaches and the native green monkeys. The tropical climate and fertile volcanic soil is conducive to growing papaya, mango and sugar cane for rum.

Even though Basseterre is perhaps one of the most charming Caribbean port towns, the island remains relatively unknown and unspoiled. With many festivals throughout the year (February, Easter, July, August, September, December), you may be lucky enough to witness a vibrant carnival, when you will hear the sounds of salsa, jazz calypso and steelpan music, providing an authentic sound of a Caribbean vacation.

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Basseterre is a true tropical paradise - lush, luxuriant and beautiful.
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