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The island of Aruba is part of the Lesser Antilles, situated in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela.
Hop on board on of MSC's Caribbean Cruises to Aruba and discover this gem off the coast of Venezuela. Discover stunning beaches, crystal clear water and almost year-round sunshine. Travel with us to on a cruise to Aruba on our luxury cruise ships and you’ll fall under the spell the beauty of Aruba. MSC is offering some of the best caribbean cruise deals around for cruises to Aruba.

A popular stopover destination during our Caribbean cruise holiday itinerary, our cruise ships dock at the pretty town of Oranjestad the capital of the island.

Still under Dutch rule, Aruba boasts lovely white sandy beaches and a legacy of colonialism seen in the attractive Dutch- influenced architecture. The official language is still Dutch, although English is widely spoken, and the currency is the Aruba Guilder/Florin.

We will help you get to know the culture and history of this charming Caribbean island through our great excursion packages and the best deals on all the main sights here. Holidaymakers choose to vacation here because of the island’s many attractions, including a national park (which makes up 20% of the island) historic landmarks, including a windmill, limestone caves with ancient petroglyphs (rock engravings), as well as picturesque Oranjestad.

The island’s landscape boasts a rocky coast to the north and calm waters with small coves and great beaches to the south and west. Inland the island is hilly, populated with the intriguing ‘divi divi’ trees with their fantastically gnarled trunks, twisted by the trade winds. Leave your cruise ship for the day and come ashore to experience why Aruba is ‘One Happy Island’ – the national motto!



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Oranjestad - the Dutch colonial legacy that can be seen in the architecture of traditional, tall, colourful houses merge with the native island culture.
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